You may recall, just before we broke for Christmas, we were encouraging you to consider buying a last minute ticket, or ten, for the Boundary Trails Health Centre (BTHC) Foundation 50/50 fundraising draw. Did you ever step up and deliver! The total amount grew to over $115,000, with the winner taking home half, or just over $57,000.

That winner was Carla Peters, a Boundary Trails Health Centre physiotherapist, in the rehab department, who works with pediatric patients. She found out she won on New Year’s Eve.

"Oh my goodness, I was completely in shock, I couldn't stop shaking," said Peters when she spoke with CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner earlier this week. "At first I just thought, 'Oh, why is someone from Winkler calling me, I was just there?'. Then I realized it was Boundary Trails, and then when I had called the voice message that said, 'If you need to talk to Shannon, Dial 1' and I was like no, this can't be! Then, in the meantime, Shannon (Samatte-Folkett, Executive Director of the Foundation) was calling me back, and I answered. She just said, 'Hi Carla, do you know why I'm phoning?' And I was like is it true, and so I was losing it. It was really exciting."

Keeping in mind Peters is a healthcare provider at BTHC, she reflected on why she chose to support the fundraiser.

"The Foundation has provided a lot of funds and opportunities for the hospital for growth, and our department, the Pediatric department of Rehab Services, will be moving into the new building when it's ready."

The overall total for the 2022 50/50 was significantly more than the previous year's. Peters was asked what she feels that says about the region wanting to support the Foundation and the hospital? 

"Well, it says a lot of things," she started. "I think the area is growing, and there's a huge need for our services, and for Boundary Trails Hospital to succeed in this area, and coming off of COVID, I feel like we need to really have a fresh start, and keep growing, and hopefully we can continue to provide good service to Southern Manitoba."

And what about the question we know many of you are waiting for... what are Peters' plans for her half?

"I have a little bit of a list, but I am terrible at making decisions, so I'm going to sit on it for a while. Probably a spa day, and maybe a small trip with my kids, and save up. I kind of need a new vehicle too, so we'll see."