Douglas Kuhl School of Music invites you to “A Joyous Sleigh Ride Christmas Concert” on Sunday, December 3rd at 7pm at Winkler EMMC.

Wes Hamm is a retired violin teacher and the leader of the Winkler Senior Choir, he talked about what the Douglas Kuhl School of Music is.

"Douglas Kuhl School of Music was named after Douglas Kuhl, who was a fine string player and businessman in the community. Sadly, he passed away and so we've had a lot of support from the Kuhl family to do string programs. Later on the choral stuff was added."

Along with the Winkler Senior Choir, you'll also enjoy performances from the Post Road Orchestra and Encore Strings. 

Of course, the concert will include many Christmas favourites and Hamm invites everyone to attend.

"Anyone who wants a good Christmas pick-me-up, I think that there's a lot of joy being shared in this concert"

Listen to our full conversation with Wes below.