On Monday, November 6th CARE (Community Assistance Resources for Elderly) Services in Altona will be holding its first fundraiser in four years in support of its Handivan operations.

"We've missed four years, and a lot of our funding comes from donations," explained Senior Resource Coordinator Marge Penner when she joined the CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Friday. "We do get provincial support and local support, and we are very thankful for that from the province and the town of Altona, so that's always very, very welcome. 27% of our operating costs come from donations, so in order to keep our operating costs lower for the people using the service, we just need to raise funds."

On Monday, CARE Services will be hosting a drive-through pulled pork supper at the Altona Senior Centre from 4pm to 6:30pm. Supper is by donation, with receipts issued for $50 or more. Alongside the pulled pork there will be coleslaw and apple pie for dessert. 

"We hope that people can be generous, and we know times are tight for everybody," noted Penner. "This is a resource, I think for the community, that's really needed."

The group is also looking for more volunteer drivers, specifically those who would be willing to drive in Winnipeg, as well as the local area. A Class 4 license is required.

You can listen to Penner's conversation with Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner, below.

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