Thursday morning, R.M. of Morris Reeve Scott Siemens joined CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner for another Reeve on the Radio. The conversation focused almost exclusively on how this time of year is planning season, both annual and budgeting, for council and administration.

"We are going to spend a day and half in the middle of next week, here in Morris, going over our capital budget, and hopefully even our working budget, and see where we can find savings and that sort of thing," explained Siemens during the conversation. "Along with that, keeping those services rolling and the various wish lists that have come up, and find out how we can work things in, and then along with getting to know our new C.A.O. better, strategizing so we can get on the same page as quickly as possible."

You can find out what items are on those wish lists in Reeve on the Radio, below.