This week the Carman Country Fair's director of agriculture education, Jacqueline Rudd, and vice president, director of the mini horse committee and the vendor committee, Trish Aubin, joined the morning show. They shared all about what we can expect for July 11th - 13th!

"I'm most looking forward to seeing all the kids around all the animals and watching their faces light up with all the different events and new things this year," shared Jacqueline.

Trish is really excited to see everything come together. 

"We've put lots of effort into all kinds of new things this year. We've really promoted getting people to come out to the fair and to showcase what they make or what they sell and which in turn is going to bring more people."

One of those new things is bale decorating, Jacqueline described it for us.

"Any nonprofit, or business, or individual group can decorate a bale. It's gonna be a voting system based on monetary donations. They can win a donation or cash prizes, so for the community class, which is your nonprofit and businesses, they can choose a charity or their personal nonprofit to get the money. For the individual contest they have a chance of winning up to $500.00 for first prize. It is a $50 entry fee." She continued, "You can use anything from paint, to extra bales, to cardboard, to fabric. Anything that you think would make it look good. There's lots of ideas online and like I said, this is new to Manitoba so I'm hoping to make it a big thing."

There is so much to take in at the Carman Country Fair, happening July 11th to 13th. Find the full schedule on their website.