The Canadian Wheat Board has announced 2006-07 initial payments for wheat, durum, feed and designated barley will increase effective December 21st.

The increase for wheat will range from zero to $29 per tonne, depending upon grade and class.

The increase for durum will range from 1 to $27 per tonne.

For feed barley in Pool A, the increase will be $60.50 per tonne, while the increase for designated barley will be $27 for two-row and $20 for six-row.

Farmers who delivered wheat, durum, barley and designated barley to the C.W.B. between August 1st, 2006 and December 20th, 2006 will receive an adjustment payment.

The payments will be mailed by January 12th, 2007 or received by direct deposit on January 9th, 2007.