Collegiate returned to Eagle 93.5 and Country88 this past Saturday, October 14th. throughout the remainder of the school year, listen weekly Saturday mornings at 11 a.m. for the latest happenings at high schools throughout the region.

Carman Collegiate


Carman Collegiate athletes have seen a lot of success in just the first month of the school year. Hear more about it, and what else is going on at the school, below.

Carman Collegiate

Carman Collegiate

Carman CollegiateCarman Collegiate 411 host Mackenzie

Miami School

Miami SchoolMiami School Collegiate 411 host Cohen

Fall is a busy time of year for many, and that was no different for the first month of classes for Miami School!

WC Miller Collegiate in Altona

2023_10_14_wcmiller.jpg WC Miller Collegiate 411 hosts Abby Wiebe and Ethan Wiebe

Fall comes with a change of weather and a change in popular flavours. What kind of pie do the students of WC Miller enjoy? We found out!

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