The goal is $100,000. The event is a slo-pitch tournament. The cause? Children's Camps International (CCI).

Tomm Penner with CCI joined us on the morning show to invite anyone and everyone to make a team, and be a part of their slow pitch tournament on August 2nd - 4th. One way they're raising money is through the fee for a team, which is $250. They're also hoping to get businesses on board to become sponsors, and have players hit a lot of home runs.

"Every home run that's hit during the tournament supports our mission and vision. We have sponsors who step up, so those home runs generate funds for CCI."

The last time this event was held was in 2017 and some people were really wanting to see the event make it's return.

"It was something that so many people loved to do, and it obviously takes a lot of resources, a lot of people to make this happen. And we had a volunteer who stepped up again this year, I guess because for a few years it wasn't running, but he just, he really loved it. And he said, I want to be part of this. Can we do it again? And when you have a volunteer that enthusiastic, absolutely. We're so grateful that he stepped up."

No matter how much you can give, every dollar is appreciated. Tomm spoke about what $100,000 would mean for CCI.

For full details on the fundraising ball tournament head to the Children's Camps International Website by clicking HERE.