Nellie McClung Collegiate

Many of the students from NMC got together to fill us in on what's been happening with the environmental club, how fundraising for Christmas Cheer went, and some of the fun lunch activities at the school like the game room!

2023_12_16_coll411_nmcThe Environmental Club on their fall trip to Spruce Woods. Back Row: L to R: Abbey Spiers, Abigail Deamel, Samantha Anderson, Raeleigh Dobson, Ryder Davis, Ryder Devloo, Fischer Cavers, Hayden Wubbe, Reagan Hofer, Carter Dow. Front Row: Ivy Voth, Ryan Oliver, Denise Howatt, Delaney Smith, Olivia Webber, Christian McKay
2023_12_16_coll411_nmc_03.jpg Grace Keen and Delaney Smith
2023_12_16_coll411_nmc_04.jpg L to R: Hannah Williamson, Garjana Anandakumar, Jillian Desender


WC Miller Collegiate

Host Ethan WiebeEthan Wiebe

There's holiday cheer around every corner at WC Miller Collegiate, see what the students are up to during the final week of school in 2023!

Miami School

2023_12_16_coll411_miami_01.jpg Cohen Alexander

What's the best toy you ever got? What about the stupidest? Ahead of Christmas where many toys will be given, Miami School decided to highlight the national day that fell on December 16th.