Monday over the noon hour CFAm radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner made the first delivery with Meals on the Farm, heading to the New Hope area southwest of Altona, visiting Colin and Carla Voth on their family farm. They currently have just under a thousand acres, and this year it included wheat, edible beans, canola and soybeans.

Our friends from DMM Energy joined us for the ride in the Carman Ford F-150 as we brought along a fried chicken and wedges meal from Sun Valley Co-op Cafe.

After lunch had wrapped up, Chris chatted with Colin about farming, the fact harvest is underway and more. You can check out that conversation is the video below.

Meanwhile, we're back on the road Tuesday, with Reporter and Chris Sumner heading south of Osterwick and Dusty Ridge Equine Centre. A big thank you to Meridian Manufacturing for being our partner today.

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