This is your chance to let the kids experience a legend in children's entertainment.  For over 40 years Al Simmons has kept kids captivated with his goofy antics and silly songs.  June 9th, you and your kids could see this show  for free.  Be listening to the Eagle morning show  weekdays at 8:15 for your kid's show audio clue.  Then have your children ready to call in and idetify the kid's TV show.  Get it right, and you're off to Al Simmons Live with special guests Lulu and the Tomcat June 9th, at the P.W. Enns Centenial Concert Hall.  Get ticket information by clicking here .  Oh and a taste of memory lane for you.  Check out Al Simmon's "I Collect Rocks" video.

Here's Monday's Clue and Winner:



Final Winner