With what, thankfully, has turned into a relatively non-event of a flood season, the town of Morris is breathing a sigh of relief there won't be disruptions to daily life with a potential Highway 75 closure. That was one of the topics Mayor Scott Crick talked about during In the Mayor's Chair with CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Chris Sumner. He also noted the final piece of diking work needed along the raised portion of Highway 75 south of town is underway this week.

"I think that was one of the concerns we had with the early flood forecast was 75 was going to close again, because as we saw very vividly in 2022, it can literally decimate the local business economy when we suddenly do not have access to highway traffic, or local residents don't have access to the community," explained Crick. "Not only was it great that the flood ended up being a non-event, it's also great to see the province is down there working on the last bit of diking, now, which means as long as I-29 is open Highway 75 should be open, and it should hopefully become a non-event in future years."

The Mayor also passed along congratulations to the Red River Wellness Committee which has been fundraising for a new multi-sport court to replace the existing one next to Morris School.

"I know they've done a huge amount of work at looking to replace the dilapidated old basketball courts on the school grounds with a a multi sport court, and their fundraising has gone very, very well," he shared. "I believe the final bill for the project is close to $270,000, and with their successful campaign on the Smile cookies last week, they've only got $39,000 to go."

Crick noted construction is supposed to start in July, and the final fundraising push is now underway. He also announced, on May 31st, the Committee is hosting having a sod turning and and BBQ, courtesy of Sun Valley Co-op, to kick off the project's start. 

You can listen to the entire conversation between the Mayor and Chris, below.