A rock quartet from Morden is excited to play their first show of the season.  

Superhealer is a rock group that plays an eclectic mix of classical rock, metal, and oldies. The group will have their inaugural show in Winkler at the Smitty's Lounge this Saturday (June 8), at 8 pm.

Tim de Bekker, the guitarist for Superhealer, discusses what one can expect to hear on Saturday. 

"We're going to play some of our favourites, which I think will be aligned with some of your favourites, too, so this ranges from some notable bands like Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, along with some calmer music... some Johnny Cash...and we'll play some songs that a lot of people know, but also some new ones".  

Superhealer is a local group that formed somewhat unexpectedly. The band developed when De Bekker met a drummer interested in learning guitar from him. De Bekker's lessons turned into the two experimenting with music together. Before long, the duo found themselves adding other members to establish a group that is now working on their own original material in addition to playing retro favourites locally.  

For de Bekker, there are many benefits to his passion. Being a part of Superhealer allows him "[to take] time to express [himself] through the music, to get frustrations out, and to get... thoughts processed through music, and to do this together with a band." De Bekker says that "[i]t's just so fun to play together and to be really in tune with each other and pass around ideas and work off each other's ideas as well. It's really just an awesome project that we get to work on, and it's very fulfilling".  

There are also many highlights for de Bekker when it comes to performance itself.  

"I like seeing [the crowd's] reactions. I like it when I notice somebody that I recognize in the crowd, but also, after the music, when random strangers come up to me yelling 'oh that was great! I loved that so much!'- that always keeps me going. I love meeting new people through playing shows".  

Superhealer is actively looking for future performance opportunities. De Bekker encourages the community to come out to get a sample of the band and to keep in mind that they are looking for more shows to play soon.  

Overall, it's about enjoying the music.   "It's just going to be really loud, a lot of people, a lot of fun, and some good food, good drinks. It should be a good time".  

For more information about Superhealer, see their Facebook group. 

Listen to the full interview with Tim de Bekker and Connie Bailey below.