The folks at Winkler Bible Camp are excited for the community to see all the work they've put into this year's Christmas Glow in the Country. 

Candace Wiebe joined the Morning Show to talk about decorating the two kilometers of displays and lights. 

"I just love creating the scenes. Dreaming up what it could be. Making an atmosphere that's homey and cozy, and reminds people of what Christmas is."

After much success in previous years, they continue to emphasize changing things up and expanding the event. Candace mentioned the length of a single visit has increased this year.

"We've added quite a few displays, we always change them up every year. In past years it's taken maybe 20 to 25 minutes, it's probably about 30 to 40 now."

Reserve your tickets for their Fundraising Meal & Drive-Thru Light Experience from December 4-7 where you will receive a hot dinner after seeing all the lights. If you're just looking to drive through and see the lights, December 8-17 will be the time to go. 

Learn more and reserve your tickets here!