morden garage saleTrent Medynski is not only the organizer of the citywide garage sale, but also a participant. Photo supplied.

The Morden Citywide Garage Sale is being planned for June 1, and city residents are encouraged to register now. Organizer, Trent Medynski, is excited to see another successful day of garage sale shopping for Morden. 

“Last spring was super successful. We had [approximately] 98 registered addresses. It was way more than I was expecting. I was blown away about how many people were ready to participate in it.” 

Medynski saw the need to organize a citywide garage sale last year. As an avid ‘garage-saler' himself, he was hoping to encourage more garage sales for the city for garage sale lovers like himself.

“I remember going to garage sales with my grandparents. My grandpa was quite an advocate of garage sales. He liked to attend them quite regularly. And he had me in tow. So, that's a hobby I've always enjoyed.” 

Medynski hopes that the citywide garage sale draws people in from outside of the community.  He hopes that, rather than just a garage sale, it becomes a shopping experience, or a day's event.  

Morden residents wishing to register their garage sale can email Medynski at You can also go to the Facebook event page, Morden’s Citywide Garage Sale and send a direct message to register. There is no fee for registration.

“Last year I had a lot of great feedback. The one complaint was that there were too many garage sales,” he laughs, “Not everybody could hit them. I don't know what I can do about that. The one drawback for me is I can't go out there and enjoy them myself. I'm going to be having my own sale, so, I hope everybody else has a great day.” 

Registered garage sales will be added to a Google map, which will be posted on their Facebook page for the public to see before the citywide event on June 1. 

Listen to the full interview with Trent Medynski and Connie Bailey below.

morden garage sale