Miami School

It was all about Prime Time Crime at Miami School last week. Students worked hard both on and off the stage to make this possible. 

"Before stage I would get nervous but as soon as I'm on stage, it's like I'm a completely different person, you are the character," recounted Joyce when asked if she got nervous about being on stage.

Hear more from a few of the leads thanks to Miami's host, Cohen!

W.C. Miller Collegiate


Abby Wiebe took the reins from brother Ethan this week to bring you the latest from the high school halls in Altona.

She highlighted the success of the jv girls basketball team and the boys hockey team. 

It wasn't just the sports team that found success, the students involved in 'Emma! A Pop Musical' also had great review

"We heard wonderful feedback from the show with every night being sold out, what an amazing feeling for the cast and crew."

Hopefully you had a chance to check out the show! Hear more from Abby below.