Winkler Flyers Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations


Since May 10th, when John Marks was hired as the new Head Coach and Director of Hockey Operations for the Winkler Flyers, he has been a busy man. Marks, along with Flyers Assistant Coach Ernie Sutherland have been on a number of scouting trips looking for some new and exciting talent. Marks says those trips have been quite successful.


Not only has Marks been looking for new blood, he has also been in close contact with the members of the team that are already in place. He has had conversations with every member of the Flyers roster, their prospect list, as well as the new draft choices telling them about himself and his expectations for the future.


One of the key things that sticks out for him is that you get what you earn. He says he has spoken to every player and has told them that they all start at the same place with him. No matter what you have done or haven't done in the past, everone is at the starting line. He says its a fresh start not only for him but for all the players as well. Marks says in terms of returning players, there are a lot of guys excited about the upcoming season.


Another thing that Marks is excited about is the upcoming Winkler Flyers Peak Performance Hockey School happening August 23-27. This is a chance for players young and old to fine tune their skills and get a head start for the 2010/2011 hockey season. You can pre-register at


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