Carman Head Pro Dean North won the 20th annual Morden Pro-Am at the the Minnewasta Golf and Country Club with a 4-under 68 yesterday.
Andrew Steep was second with a one under 71. Landon Cameron and Ben Smirnov were tied for third at 73. Darren McMillan, Glen Mills, and Mike Coghill all shot a 75 and were tied for fifth.
Ben Smirnov, David Goerz, Brian Foster, and Fred Zaplitney won the team competition after shooting a 15 under 201.

Minnewasta Head Pro Chris Worley says it was a great day.

Minnewasta Head Pro Chris Worley talked about the winner.

Minnewasta Head Pro Chris Worley says after major renovations to the course last year due to pipeline construction, the golfers were very happy with the conditions.

25 Pro's from across the province took part in the event.

Worley says they are excited for the 21st annual Pro-Am next year.








- Thursday, July 1, 2010 -