Northlands Parkway Collegiate

2023_03_03_npc_01.jpg Sulio Tuikuka

The staff and students say farewell to Mark, their cafeteria manager. Soon those shoes will be filled by a former NPC student. Hear more below!

Carman Collegiate

2023_03_03_carman_01.jpg Abby Wiebe and Deklan Coggan recording Collegiate 411

The students of Carman Collegiate are busy preparing for their upcoming drama production, hear from a few of the cast members below!

2023_03_03_carman_02.jpg Mackenzie plays Fagin in 'Oliver Twist'
2023_03_03_carman_03.jpg One of the set pieces for 'Oliver Twist'

Miami School

It's drama season for high school students, Miami school recently wrapped up their performances of 'The Wizard of Oz.' Hear how it went below!