Winkler's police chief is looking forward to when all the kinks with the new drivers license system have been worked out.


Rick Hiebert says the Winkler force has been notified about the delay M.P.I. is dealing with.
He says police have been notified by M.P.I to honor the license given by the driver, if it comes up invalid on their computer.
Hiebert says they have encountered it a few times and it was not a problem because they honored the license given by the driver.
He adds they received notification about this November 20th...and they have a dedicated police line to M.P.I so they are aware of these types of implications.
Hiebert notes once the new system has worked through all the implications it sounds promising.
Instead of the six week delay,  once the new system is up and running they should have up-to-date information in twenty-four hours.