The MLA for Carman is in a fight for his political life.

Denis Rocan is being challenged by Blaine Pederson of Elm Creek for the Conservative nomination.

Rocan has taken some heat in his constituency for working too closely with the governing NDP.

Some have said his desire not to hold a cabinet post when the Conservatives were in power hurt the constituency.

The veteran MLA admits he never wanted a cabinet post, but that has never hindered him from delivering for his constituents.

Rocan defends his record and says he has been able to get things accomplished in his riding when he served as Speaker of the House and even now in opposition.

He cites the wind farm at St. Leon as a prime example.

Rocan says he has often voiced his criticism of NDP government policies and management.

He says however, as a politician you need to work with people of various political stripes in order to get things done.

The Carman Conservative nomination meeting is slated for November 16 in Notre Dame.