Garden Valley Collegiate

As the 2022-2023 school year winds down, Veronika and Alicia realized just how fast exams are coming. But once that's over, it's summer holidays! Hear what's in store for them in the coming months.

2023_05_27_coll411_gvc_03.jpg GVC students facing off in a tug-of-war to win freezies


WC Miller Collegiate

2023_05_27_coll411_wcm.jpgMme. Falk, Mick Friesen, Gideon Giesbrecht, Coen Gagne, LT and Marcy Falk

Any time you walk into WC Miller Collegiate around lunch hour you can smell the delicious scents wafting through the hallways. Some of the staff shared with hosts Coen and Gideon what their favourite cafeteria meals are.