Jered Hildebrand, Executive Director at Winkler Arts and Culture, is busy planning music nights throughout the spring and summer months, beginning with John Hewitt this Monday (April 29). 

“We've got a couple of music nights that are in the works. We'll have an Edmonton based solo musician, John Hewitt coming to perform [on Monday]."

Music nights have gone over quite well and have been enjoyed by many.  

“If you're interested in music and like listening to live music, and if you like getting out with friends, it's just a great opportunity to hear new artists and local artists. [Music nights] are quite relaxed and casual, and the bar is open. Come enjoy. Have a drink and listen to some live music. It's always a great time.” 

Hildebrand highlights that Back 40 Folk Festival artists often make an appearance on music nights at Winkler Arts and Culture as well. He usually brings these artists three to four times per year, which is a crowd favorite. 

“We're planning something with Back 40 for May, so that should be announced soon. We're also looking at a few other artists that we can't quite name yet, but we are working on some great shows for May, June and July. So, we're looking forward to that as well.” 

Hildebrand is in awe of the talent we have in our community. Both the support that artists show to each other, as well as the community support, has been an inspiration. These music nights are just another way for the community to show support. 

“[Buying tickets to music night] is a great way to support us. It's one of our fundraising initiatives. Funds raised goes to making sure we can keep our doors open.” 

This Monday’s concert starts at 7:30 pm at Winkler Arts and Culture, 547 Park Street, Winkler. 

Purchase your tickets in advance here or with cash at the door. Space is limited.

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