Mennonite Collegiate Institute

Macie and Nelia have been your Collegiate 411 hosts for the entire school year and have done a fantastic job keeping us informed with all the fun activities in their hallways.

"It sure is a stressful time at school, but we are almost to the end of the year and we're pushing hard to get through. One thing I love about MCI is that we can exempt certain exams if we meet the standards." stated Nelia.

Macie continued, "yes, this encourages students to keep their grades up, and keep working hard throughout the year.

MCI is accepting applications for next school year if you're interested in being part of their student body.

2024_05_25_coll411_mciMacie Miller and Nelia Fehr, your MCI Collegiate 411 hosts






Garden Valley Collegiate

2024_05_25_coll411_gvc.jpg GVC co-presidents Veronika and Alicia

For GVC's final edition of Collegiate 411 we we're excited to have the return of last year's hosts, Veronika and Alicia.

The two have been busy leading the school as co-presidents this year, and will graduate in June.

"We've had such an amazing year so far, and are so excited to see what the future has in store for us," shared Veronika.

What's the final event they're in the midst of planning? Find out below!