For our third Meals on the Farm delivery of 2023, CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Co-Host Zack Driedger & Music Director Eva Heide hopped in the Carmen Ford F150 and pointed it towards the Halbstadt area on Wednesday. Their destination, Maple Creek Acres, a crop farm that is run by the Neufelds.

Tyson Fehr from Buffalo Creek Mills also joined them for lunch and dropped off some nice grain buckets packed with BCM swag for this great farming family as well!

Maple Creek Acres grows a wide variety of crops including; wheat, barley, oats, canola, soybeans, edible beans and corn. They figure they have about 50% of the crops in the bin already and have been pleasantly surprised with the yield.

After they finished the delicious enchilada lunch whipped up by Sun Valley Co-op, Zack took some time to chat with “Chief Cook & Bottle Washer” for the farm, Tannis Neufeld, enjoy their conversation below:

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