From May 2nd to 5th Flatlands Theatre Company is putting on 'Father of the Bride.'

We had Darren Kehler and Jacinda Young on the morning show and we wanted to know why they chose to audition for this production.

"I'm a big fan of of the 90s version of the movie starring Steve Martin, and I thought, well, this could be an interesting challenge and a kind of a fun thing to try too," shared Darren.

"The part really seemed to suit me too, with the age range and the relationship with her family and everything, I was really excited to give that a try," added Jacinda.

For those who are unfamiliar with the storyline, I had them share about the characters that they play.

Darren plays Stanley Banks.

"He's a responsible, devoted family man, father. Particularly devoted to his only daughter, Kay. His little girl, who is growing up before his eyes, or he's trying to ignore the fact that she's growing up, and before he knows it, she's gonna get married and chaos and maybe some hilarity ensues. And he gets a little overwhelmed. You know, he's trying to deal with all the responsibilities and the financial constraints and the hoopla and all the different traditions and things that get thrown his way. He does his best to not lose it too badly."

And, Jacinda plays Kay.

"She is really trying to please everybody within the situation, her soon to be husband, her family herself. Along the way causes perhaps some grief to her family with the expenses and her her growing up...but it all works out." 

Maybe you've seen the 1950s movie, which the play is based on, the 1990s movie, the most recent adaptation of the story in 2022, or maybe you're unfamiliar with the story all together. Whatever the case may be, if you want to check out Flatlands version, you can do that between May 2nd and 5th!

You can get tickets online here