January 6th... a very important day for our Orthodox and Ukrainian friends. It is Orthodox Christmas Eve.

So, to help in the celebration, we were blessed Friday morning with a visit from some Ukrainian Christmas carolers who filled our studio with sounds of the season.

Viktoriia Pylypets-Romaniuk let us know about this incredible group of young people, who are all spending their very first Christmas in Canada and away from their home, Ukraine. They are all from Steinbach and area, and decided to come together to make our lives a little merrier.

Singing Christmas carols is a popular tradition on Christmas Eve in Ukraine and how fortunate are we that they decided to bring that tradition to us. And the carol they sang, Nich Iaka Misiachna, translates into English as "Moonlight Night". After the youth sang, Viktoriia, Daryna Malyukh, and Olga Khula also caroled, sharing Dobryi Tobi Vechir Pane Gospodariu which can loosely be translated into English as "Good evening to you, master (host)." Master in this case means the main person in the family, usually considered the father in the context of this song.

Viktoriia Pylypets-Romaniuk, Daryna Malyukh, and Olga KhulaLeft to right: Viktoriia Pylypets-Romaniuk, Daryna Malyukh, and Olga Khula