The “Open” sign has been turned on one more time as we welcome you inside our Christmas Cafe, where we share sounds of the season played in-studio by friends and neighbours, and those who are on stage a little more often.

This morning, the latter is the category we’re pulling from with Larry Abrams and Jordan Janzen from the The Color joining us. The two members of the group joined us in studio to perform, for one of the first times, a new, original song of the season "This Christmas". Jordan only wrote the song in September of this year!

And if you like what you heard, you can check out The Color in concert Saturday night at the P.W. Enns Centennial Concert Hall in Winkler. It’s called “A Colorful Christmas Tour” , and there will be a Winnipeg stop December 10th at Bethel Community Church. You can get more details and tickets online.

Have a listen to our conversation with Jordan and Larry, below.

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