The Hub Community Centre in Morden has made its third move this year.

Committee member Brian Thiessen says they were first forced to move earlier this year when the building they were located in on Thornhill Street was sold. From there they found a temporary spot in the youth hut for the summer at E.M.M.C., and they have now settled into a space in the C.F.D.C. at the Access Event Centre.

"In the meantime, just come to the front museum entrance and we'll guide you through, get you into the back there if you are making a donation or if you are picking up something," said Thiessen.

Thiessen says although the location doesn't give them the room to do everything they would like to do, they are very grateful to the centre and the city for opening their doors to them. He notes they've had to rent a storage unit to hold all of their shelving and racking as it does not fit into the new centre. He adds, however, food and clothing donations can all still be accepted at the C.F.D.C location every Tuesday from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm.

Each week between 30 to 50 families that come through the doors at the Hub Community Centre.