At the beginning of Mental Health Week, Jayme Giesbrecht and Barrette Plett joined the Morning Show. Giesbrecht talked about what Mental Health Week is at Eden Foundation, saying, "We want to provide ways that people can focus on their own mental health and make sure that those resources are available for all."

One of the services that Eden Foundation offers is Recovery of Hope counseling. Plett is a contract counselor with the program who focuses on families and children. Plett commented on why families come to see him.

"I think often parents come to me when they feel like they're at their wits' end about how to work with their kids. And so I like hearing the parents' perspective and bringing the kids in and helping the parents and kids communicate and solve the problems that are making family life tough."

During his time on The Eagle 93.5 Morning Show with Ronny Guenther, Plett talked about cellphones being something we can focus on during Mental Health Week. Self-esteem issues are common among kids in the Pembina Valley. Plett talked about why that might be.

"I think social media can be really tough for kids. I think it often hurts kids' body image because they look at these pictures of people with filters who look like they have beautiful skin and they look perfect and it's not actually real, but because you see so many images of people who look perfect, you think, 'Oh, I look terrible.' Or you see them having these great adventures and living what looks like amazing lives so you think my life isn't anything like that. How could I be happy?"

Taking a break from social media or cutting screentime is a goal that many have aimed for, but it never feels that easy. Plett offered some tips on how we can put our phones down.

"I think it's really hard to just say, 'Ok, I'm not going to be on my phone.' It's a lot easier to say what you're going to do instead. So instead of going on my phone this afternoon, I'm going to draw a picture or I'm going to go for a walk outside or something like that. I'm going to play basketball with my dad or with my kid."

Take some time this week to get your body moving or your brain thinking creatively for Mental Health Week. For more information and ways you can support Eden, click here!