Cookbooks may not be as common as they used to be, but TLC Child Care Centre in Carman is seeing great success with their Cookbook Fundraiser so far this spring. Kimberly Goerzen-Monk is the Executive Director at the TLC Daycare in Carman. 

“We asked our families for their favorite recipes that they like to cook as families, and now we've put it together in our own little recipe book."

Goerzen-Monk explains that not many people use cookbooks anymore, however they are surprised at how well this fundraiser is going.  

“All the families have bought one or two. They've given them out to relatives and the kids are super excited because they helped participate in putting it together. It turned out to be a really good fundraiser.” 

The funds raised will go towards the front playground at the childcare centre. 

“We're doing a whole playground redo. We're doing upgrading on our playground and then we're going to lay rubber. We're going to be able to have a nice fun space in the front with a big gazebo so we can do all kinds of different activities.” 

Goerzen-Monk says the centre appreciates the community support that they've gotten through our cookbook fundraiser as well as many other fundraisers they have had.  

“It's been amazing community support. We've done a lot of renovations over the last year. This [is possible because] people are helping us with our fundraisers. We depend on our fundraisers. And we appreciate all the help we've gotten.” 

To purchase a cookbook, call the TLC Childcare Centre at 204-745-1948 or email 

Listen to the full interview with Kimberly Goerzen-Monk and Connie Bailey below.