The video of a local man’s mishap with a tractor has garnered millions of views and the potential for more.

Steinbach resident Trevor Esau traded an old boat for a homemade tractor earlier this fall. After getting it running, he jumped on to see if it would drive. That’s when he discovered the clutch didn’t work.

In the process of ‘jamming the clutch’ from reverse to forward trying to find neutral, the tractor took off.

“My floor jack was in front of the tractor. The tractor pushed the handle down, but the handle of the floor jack hit a table, so provided this nice little ramp up.”

The front end of the tractor went up and Esau, still holding onto the steering wheel, went down to the ground laughing hysterically.

The video was shot by Esau’s nephew, Brandon Post, who is seen at the very end of the clip.

After posting the video as his first to his new TikTok account, Esau saw the views grow steadily to more than 100,000 in the first day. Then came an offer from ViralHog, an internet company that helps monetize videos.

Since licensing the video it has seen well over 3 million views on various online platforms and an offer from Jimmy Kimmel Live, a late night talk show on ABC.

Happy to be safe and sound, Esau has since fixed the clutch and continues to work on the homemade tractor.

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