On May 11, 2024, Two Sparrows Greenhouse celebrated its grand opening surrounded by the community's excitement.

"It's just been go, go go. So, it being real hasn't sunk in. I think once it slows down, we'll be able to sit back and say, wow, this has been good," said operator Nicole Wood. "My staff are absolutely amazing. They work hard, we are laughing and smiling at the end of the day, and everything looks good because of the work that they do here."

Entering its second season, Two Sparrows Greenhouse has witnessed a remarkable surge in foot traffic, a testament to its growing popularity within the community. The morning of the grand opening was marked by a delightful flurry of customers streaming in, momentarily delaying the ribbon cutting—a positive sign of the journey ahead.

Nicole Wood in greenhouseOperator Nicole Wood

"It's a fantastic place to work. The atmosphere is wonderful, lovely, sunny and bright, everything looks nice and healthy and is just waiting for people to come in," said Ang Enns, a Two Sparrows Greenhouse employee.

Nestled in Altona, this greenhouse opened its doors to a bustling crowd, including guests such as Altona's Mayor Harv Schroeder, MLA Josh Guenter, and MP for Portage-Lisgar Branden Leslie.

"I think it's a great new business startup by a young entrepreneur who grew up in a farm family. She knows how much work it is to farm, and this is no different. Just by looking around, you see the lineup already here at the cash register, so you know that it's going to be a busy place," said Altona's Mayor Harv Schroeder.

Ribbon cut by Nicole, a seasoned nurse turned passionate gardener and entrepreneur, Two Sparrows Greenhouse embodies a significant guiding principle drawn from Matthew 10:29-31 KJV. Inspired by the scripture's assurance of divine care for even the smallest sparrow, Nicole imagined a sanctuary where individuals of all gardening experience levels could discover comfort and motivation. 

"It's a stunning place with a huge selection. Everything looks gorgeous," said customer Michelle Faucher. "It's our second time here this week; it's worth the drive from Morden." 

Recently, Two Sparrows Greenhouse hosted a large group from Regional Connections for their English cafe evening and plans to have a group from Buffalo Apartments come for a planting workshop.

Central to the greenhouse's vision is its commitment to inclusivity and knowledge-sharing. The motto on its sign, "Learning, sharing, growing together," captures the heart of community improvement.