Still no confirmed cases of West Nile virus in Manitoba.


Phil Curry, entomologist with Manitoba Health, says the Culex tarsalis mosquito which carries the virus, likes hot evenings, and because we've had few of those this summer, the virus has yet to appear in the province.


Curry says the peak season for West Nile virus in Manitoba is mid-July to mid-August, but he says this year development is at least two weeks behind normal.

As a result, the peak season will be shorter this year.

But it's unlikely we'll avoid it all together, as the virus has appeared in Manitoba every year since 2003, even in cool summers.

Curry also says these mosquitoes hibernate, and have the ability to bounce back the following year, if the conditions are right.

He reminds us we can all do our part by removing stagnant water in our yards, because they are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes.


- Thursday, August 6th 2009 -