Members of the Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce kicked off the start to summer on Monday. 

Smokies, fries and a drink were on the menu for the Chamber's annual Member Appreciation Lunch held at The Bunker. 

"We are just so excited to give to our members," said Tanya Chateauneuf, the Chamber's executive director. 

"We always want to provide opportunities for our members to network and come together," she added. "This just seems to be the easiest one where there's no agenda. Just come together, enjoy food, spend time, hopefully pass some business cards along and just make stronger connections."

The lunch was also an opportunity for the Chamber to roll out its Member2Member program.

"Our members can offer discounts to each other, and it's just added value-for membership. It's no cost to participate in the program," explained Chateauneuf.

Click here to learn more about the Winkler & District Chamber of Commerce and its member-to-member program.

With files from Nicole Klassen.