Winkler Festival of the Arts started 92 years ago and is still going strong. Their latest week of performances is happening at the Winkler Bergthaler Church April 15-19.

Dorothy Plett joined the Morning Show to talk about who will be performing throughout the week.

"We have everything from probably 6-year-olds up to some of the teachers involved in performing this year as well. So we've got beginner level all the way up to diploma levels. A lot of skill is represented there. "

The full program can be viewed online, with performances happening at various times. Plett mentioned that Friday would be a great day to attend.

"Friday night we have our awards night starting at 6:00 and that is just an amazing evening of not all this waiting in between for the adjudication, it's just a concert of music and then we hand out some awards at the end of the sessions. We have two sessions one at 6:00 and one at 7:45."

The students performing are opening themselves to adjudication, Plett commended the courage of the musicians performing.

"There's a lot of younger ones, but there's also beginners who aren't quite as young that are participating. Personally, as a teacher, I like to incorporate multigenerational duets. So then I do a duet together with them the first time so that they don't feel quite so alone going up there. And then they feel like these pieces sound so big and grand when they're only playing like four or five notes."

Community members are encouraged to attend on any day and support our local musicians. Winkler Festival of the Arts also appreciates support in the form of volunteers and donations.