The Community Mobilization Hub is one of multiple community services located within Morden's - 500 Stephen Street Community Centre.

Community Mobilization Coordinator, Nicole Fehr works with clients on a referral basis, with referrals coming from agencies with clients that have complex needs.

The referrals often come from agencies that are seeing individuals with involvement in multiple different agencies, and getting lost between the cracks, or getting varying messages going between the agencies.

"I get my referrals in, and I bring all those agency members to the table, and I engage in those personal supports, their family members, their friends if that's who they feel support them. And then as well as agencies. So, if they have a favourite police officer and they're involved with the police, I bring a police officer to the table. I bring their EIA worker to the table." 

Fehr shares her main goal through this program.

"To create stability with my clients, and to network ultimately, and create this collaboration among all the agencies in Morden. I do that through the interagency group as well, which we've had a really good turnout for and we're working on the different components of what a vibrant community looks like." 

Fehr says there's also self-referrals at the community mobilization hub, however, they're not as popular.

"For police referrals, they come as non-consent-based referrals. So, these are individuals that the police deem just have escalating behavior in the community. They just really think they could benefit from the program, and so I go with a police officer that has a good relationship with the individual. We go knock on their door, introduce the program, and they go from there. They get to choose whether they want to engage in the program or not." 

The Community Mobilization Hub is a provincially funded program, funded through a grant from Criminal Justice. The grant was obtained by the Morden Community Development Corporation.

- With files from reporter Robyn Wiebe -