This weekend, Miami is set to host two adrenaline-pumping events: the Tractor Pull on Saturday and the Mud Bog on Sunday. 

On Saturday, enthusiasts will gather for the Tractor Pull event, where tractors and trucks will showcase their power. John Friesen from the Miami Power Toboggan Club shared his excitement in an interview on the Eagle Morning Show. “We’ve got some tractors and some trucks coming out from all over and also we are running a street-legal class,” he said. This new category allows local truck owners to participate and test their vehicles' limits, with a $250 prize for the winner. Friesen added, “Put the power to the ground and see what you can do.”

Sunday’s Mud Bog event is set to be even messier and more exciting. Trucks will compete for the fastest time through the mud pit in their respective classes, which vary by vehicle type and tire size. “The mud pit’s looking great. We’re gonna be pumping some water in,” Friesen explained. “We increased the depth of the mud pit this year, so there’s going to be a lot more mud flying.”

For those new to the sport, Friesen offered a brief explanation: “You get up to the pit and you hit the throttle and steer. Try not to crash and speed is your friend. Wheel speed will keep your tires clean and keep you moving forward. That’s the key.”

The festivities in Miami will also be supporting some local causes. The Miami Agricultural Society will run the food booth to raise funds for their nonprofit, while the Miami Power Toboggan will manage the beer gardens.

Tickets are $15 at the gate, kids 12 and under will get in for free. Friesen says this a family event so bring everyone along and enjoy!