Winkler Bible Camp is ready for another season of giving campers an unforgettable summer! Ahead of the season, they are inviting the community to see what they're all about at Family Fun Days on June 1-2. 

Dale Wiebe joined the morning show where he commented on how the camp handled the rain on Friday, "No problem. We've got it. We're sitting close to the Creek and we're on a high spot. So it all gets wet, and the water piles up in a few spots, but a couple hours later we're good to go." The camp remaining dry is good news as it'll be full of visitors this weekend.

Family Fun Day is an annual event put on by the camp to allow prospective campers come by and see everything they have to offer. Most camp activities will be open for attendees to try out and they will have food available for purchase all day. There is a $5 fee to get in, and you get a free hotdog as well! 

Along with the usual Family Fun Day festivities, they are also hosting a special service to commemorate the camp's 75th anniversary. It'll start at 6:30 on Saturday and Sunday and will start with praise and worship, they will talk about the past and future of the camp, and Wiebe told us about a special guest they've invited, "We've got a lady who was at camp in 1949 and talked to her about that, and so it's a pretty cool deal. Things have changed a lot since 1949."

When asked about what has kept Winkler Bible Camp running for 75 years, Wiebe chalked it up to their mission. "Our mission to extend the Kingdom of God to children and youth. That's what we do. Everything we do around that, the things throughout the season are all focused on extending that mission. And so that's the mission and everything, our decisions, planning and our dreaming are based on making sure that mission stays secure."

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