We said it a bunch of times Monday morning -- today is Monday, March 13th -- and that date will forever hold significance for us here at Golden West, because it is the day that everything started for us, on the station that started it all, CFAM Radio 950!! 

Hard to believe it was already a year ago that we all gathered in Altona for our BIG 65th Anniversary celebration! So that makes THIS year -- 66 years of Community Service Radio -- amazing! 

And this day always brings back so many memories, people like Jim McSweeney, Aunt Olly, Al Friesen, Harv Kroeker and so many more over the years... decades of not only entertaining us, but also becoming our friends.

Our C.E.O Elmer Hildebrand is still with us, still a part of everything we do, and still passionate about serving the communities of southern Manitoba. 

As for the history of it all -- it was March 13th, 1957 at 8:01 p.m. we came to life at 1290 on the am dial, and that evening was highlighted by an opening ceremony which set the stage for who we would be, and the unique approach we would be taking. That night, Southern Manitoba Broadcasting Company limited Chairman and Managing Director, Mr. A.J. Thiessen, outlined our focus on community service radio through local news, weather sports and relevant farming information. 66 years later, we are still dedicated to those pillars.

We haven't even mentioned the music, yet! Some of the artists we are proud to play here: Roger Whittaker, Anne Murray, Valdy, Herman's Hermits, Nana Mouskouri, and that's just to name a few... never mind the countless Manitoba musicians that got their start and first radio play, here, on Golden West. Many have gone on to great careers, and we're proud to have been a part of that for so many years too. 

So, here's to 66 years of it all!

You can relive the fun we had one year ago at our 65th anniversary celebration, by watching the video of the live streamed Morning Show from March 11th, 2022. Check it out below!