W.C. Miller Collegiate in Altona

This was Ethan's first year as a host for Collegiate 411 and he's done an awesome job.

"Thank you all for listening to Collegiate 411 this year, it has been a blast recording this for the Pembina Valley," he shared on the latest edition. 

We look forward to hopefully hearing him on the air-waves next school year!

Miami School

2024_06_01-coll411_miami.jpg Cohen posing with the school logo on the gym floor

We never knew what we were going to hear from Miami School, but we knew we would almost always hear it from Cohen Alexander.

We heard segments about the eclipse, baby chicks, favourite food items and more. 

"I've really enjoyed being your host for the past couple years and getting feedback from community on the great service Collegiate 411 provides," shared Cohen.

He's graduating this year so this was his last segment for Miami School. Check it out below.

Carman Collegiate

2024_06_01-coll411_carman_01.jpg Hosts Brooke Hodge and Abby Wiebe

It's also Abby's last year with Collegiate 411, and she's been a part of Carman Collegiate's 'radio club' since the 7th grade.

"I'm going to miss working on radio and yearbook," stated Abby.

But, it's June, so there's still a lot to cover in the Carman hallways, listen below to hear everything that's happening!