Gateway's Open House on Thursday, May 30, was a success, transforming the facility into a community hub with an art show and a bake sale that brought together participants, staff, and visitors. The event aimed to showcase the diverse talents and community spirit that represents Gateway.

Tim Hamp, Gateway's Director of Day Services, highlighted the broader purpose of the Open House. 

"People in the community come to Gateway... with a preconceived notion that Gateway is just recycling... Gateway is so much broader than that, and that's what Open House is all about, getting people in from the community to see what we're all about, and hopefully they walk away with a lot more knowledge," said Hamp.

One of the highlights was the art show, featuring various creative works from Gateway's participants. Jesse Hildebrand proudly presented a self-portrait. 

"I did the best I can... it's always fun to see how good they [the art pieces] are," said Hildebrand.

He appreciated the opportunity for people to see the creativity and effort that goes into the artwork. 

Another participant, Miranda Wiebe, showcased her handmade rubber band bracelets. She started making bracelets at age ten and now uses her skills to raise funds for diabetes awareness. 

"My favourite part is meeting people in the community and showing what we do," said Wiebe.

The bake sale was equally popular, with a variety of homemade treats. Visitors enjoyed the delicious baked goods while supporting a good cause. The event provided a platform for participants to engage with the community and display their skills and hard work.

"Events like this allow the community to see the full range of our services and the incredible talent of our participants," said Hamp. He highlighted the creative use of recyclable materials in the art pieces, demonstrating the resourcefulness of the artists.

Overall, the Open House was a testament to Gateway's mission of encouraging community, creativity, and empowerment. Attendees left with a deeper appreciation for the organization and the remarkable individuals who make it thrive.