Members of the Legends Car Club continue to throw their support behind South Central Cancer Resource (SCCR). Most recently, the Club provided the organization with a $22,885 financial boost as a result of a fund-raising BBQ in Winkler and its annual Drive for Cancer, both held in May.

According to club president, Alex Loewen, about 30 vintage cars turned out for the ride on May 27th, travelling from Gardens on Tenth in Altona to Carman Golf and Country Club for lunch, then moving on to the Second Chance Car Museum in Treherne before returning to Rhineland Car in Altona for a wind-up BBQ.

"(There were) around forty-two people in those cars. It varied a bit from place to place, as it always does," said Loewen. "Weather was also not on our side. We did get a little wet between Altona and Carman, but other than that, it was a nice day."

The funds are raised through participating riders gathering pledges ahead of the event. 

"Put simply, it's wow," said Leora Hamm, administrative coordinator for SCCR, adding the nearly $23,000 cheque is huge for the organization. "We steadily see an increase in clients needing our services and, with the price of fuel these days, this money is going to hugely benefit the cancer patients in our area."

"If the well is dry, there's nothing to draw from" added Hamm. "So, just being able to, with confidence, know we've got the funds in the bank account to support those patients that are needing it the most in our community is - I mean, it's what we do. It's why I work here. It's just a fantastic feeling to know those funds are there and that the support of Legends continues."

According to Loewen, Legends has raised $191,000 for SCCR through various events over the last 12 years. We asked him why the Club continues to rally around the organization.

"As we all know, cancer affects just about everybody. I have yet to find one person who hasn't had it impact their lives, and that is very true, I think, for everyone," he said. "What SCCR does for our community, all the communities surrounding us, considering they get no government funding, it's all private funding. It's an organization that desperately needs help and does a lot of good."

"Sometimes I kind of wonder, as the years go on, how often and how long will the Legends Car Club continue to support us," added Hamm. "And it just amazes me how they continue, year in and year out, putting the work in, the effort in. It's not without hard hard work on their part to continue to do what they do for us, and we are so appreciative of it. We can't say thank you enough. And I hope that they know, again, how much this benefits the cancer patients in our area."

Up next for the club is the Legends Show in the Park on July 30th, the Sunday of the Manitoba Sunflower Festival in Altona. In August, the club will host its annual drag races at the Altona/Rhineland Municipal Airport where a third of the proceeds will again benefit SCCR.