Work days are becoming longer for accountants as we get further into the tax season.


Ken Friesen is with B-D-O Dunwoody in Morden
He has seen a mix of clients so far with the majority being seniors.
They like to have theirs done early because there is a supplement and pharmacare involved.
Friesen says there are two new credits for this year.
Students will be able to claim their text book expenses and that amount will show up on the form provided by the college or university.
They will also be able to claim public transit expenses if they have monthly passes.
For the 2007 tax year, parents will be able to take advantage of a fitness tax credit for their children under the age of sixteen.
Meanwhile, Friesen says the rate at which people file their taxes has changed over the years.
He says people used to file quickly because refunds were  higher, especially with things like child tax credit.