On May 11th, 2024, Menzies ProCare held a heartwarming event, the Massage-a-Thon, dedicated to supporting the South Central Cancer Resource. 

This charitable initiative saw Morden Massage therapy students and therapists generously contributing their time and skills, along with complimentary consultations by Dr. Yali Bai, an Acupuncturist. Over 20 bookings raised $700, all of which will be directed towards supporting individuals fighting cancer.

Linda Menzies, a certified Lymphedema Therapist, emphasized the event's dual purpose: to raise funds and instill in students the importance of community support. 

"We wanted to teach the students that part of being a really good healthcare professional is by supporting the community," said Menzies, highlighting the invaluable lesson imparted to budding therapists.

For students like Jessi Inglass, the event symbolized the intersection of career and compassion. "This is a very rewarding career," she expressed, "It helps a lot of people with different conditions." 

Beyond the clinical aspect, these initiatives allow students to extend their impact beyond treatment by supporting the community.

Jessica Kraemer shared her feeling of comfort in massage therapy's transformative power.

"Even if I've had a hard day after I've done massage, I feel like a new person again, and I'm not even the one getting the massage! It's where I'm supposed to be, and Linda helping facilitate that is really helpful for us," said Kraemer.

Jack Pethybridge, a Board Member of South Central Cancer Resource, expressed gratitude for the donation. 

"We appreciate the donation, we don't get any government funding, so any money that we get, we have to fundraise ourselves… every little bit really helps us," said Pethybridge.

Initiatives like the Massage-a-Thon remind us of the impact achievable through collective compassion. Each consultation and each donation embodies hope and the unwavering spirit of community support.