Morris roared to life on Friday night as the much-anticipated Rumble in the Valley event gathered motorsport fans and families from different parts of the province. The Morris Stampede Grounds hummed with excitement as spectators gathered to see the machine power on display in this annual truck and tractor pull competition.

"The money raised goes back into our infrastructure so that we can continue providing world-class events... Rumble in the Valley is the largest and loudest motorsport in the province. We want to be able to put on world-class events, and we want to be able to contribute back to the community. Between Rumble and the Stampede, it creates a huge influx of cash back into the local businesses," said Brian Wiebe, President of the Valley Ag Society and Rumble in the Valley Director.

Organized by the non-profit Valley Agricultural Society, the first night of the 2024 Rumble in the Valley did not disappoint. The event featured multiple categories of competition, from modified farm tractors to custom-built trucks, showcasing the creativity and skill of participants. The exciting view of these powerful machines battling to pull the heaviest loads captured the audience, with roaring engines and clouds of dust adding to the atmosphere.

"Horse power and noise are my favourite parts. Your engine is right in front of you, and it's loud," said Richard Kihn, who attended previous driver of the Mighty Mouse, who has been involved in pulls since 1985.

Friday night saw an impressive turnout, with the crowd enjoying not just the main competitions, but also a mixture of family-friendly activities. Food vendors, merchandise stalls, and entertainment for kids guaranteed that there was something for everyone, making the Rumble in the Valley an inclusive community event.

"My family has been pulling for a while... when you're in it, your adrenaline kinda kicks in. It's crazy at your first hook of the year, and this is it. It's a mixture of the noise and the driving," said ten-year-old Duncan Hoffert, who has been pulling for four years.

Highlights of the day included standout performances from local favourites and visiting competitors, each demonstrating incredible power. The friendly competition encouraged a sense of connection for participants, strengthening the event's role in celebrating community spirit.

As the engines quieted and the smoke settled, the success of the first night of Rumble in the Valley was unmistakable. The event again solidified its reputation as a must-see attraction on Manitoba's summer calendar, leaving attendees eagerly anticipating Saturday's events. Gates open at 1pm, with the truck and tractor pull starting at 7pm.

car on track pulling trailer