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Christmas is just 3 days away... And while many will traveling this week to come home for the holidays...not everybody is able to. According to the Government of Manitoba website, Manitoba has more than 1,000 for-hire trucking companies that operate either interprovincially or internationally, and about 360,000 commercial trucks crossed the MB-U.S. border in 2011. That's a lot of men and women on the road -- even right now, on the days leading up to Christmas!

This morning we were joined by Shane Rafferty, Northbound Trans-border Dispatch for Bartel Bulk Freight in Morris, as he shared this special poem with us:

Thanks to ALL who work right through the holidays. Nurses, Doctors, Gas Station Attendants, Restaurant Employees, Police, Fire and Ambulance services, Truck Drivers, and many more. Merry Christmas!