As he was getting ready for seeding, R.M. of Morris Reeve Scott Siemens joined CFAM Radio 950 Morning Show Host Chris Sumner for another Reeve on the Radio. Thursday morning the agenda included contracts being awarded for phase two of the Prairie Hearth Development in Rosenort.

Siemens noted the second phase should include about forty lots, and be serviced and completed by early 2025.

"We took a little different route this year, and split up the underground works and the aboveground works," explained the Reeve. "That seems to have, according to our engineers, got us a little more favourable pricing. As I've mentioned before, money only goes so far and we all know that, so we were pleased to realize it seemed to be more economical."

The 2024 Financial plan for the municipality was presented during a public hearing Wednesday morning, and it included an average 5% increase to most properties, except in Rosenort where the average increase was closer to 9%. You can find out why, and learn about the major capital projects on the R.M.'s agenda by listening to the full conversation between Chris and Scott, below.