Reeve on the Radio returned Thursday morning with CFAM Morning Show Host Chris Sumner connecting with Rhineland's Don Wiebe via cell phone. Don, along with most of Council, is in Fargo, ND this week for the Red River Basin Commission's 41st International Summit Conference.

The conference's topics were on the agenda, as were several items closer to home, including Rhineland's recent meeting with provincial officials with Manitoba Transportation and Infrastructure about drain and bridge maintenance.

"This last week we had a meeting with the water engineering and operations department," explained Wiebe. "We had the Deputy Director there, and we had an opportunity to outline our concerns with respect to provincial drains, and this included maintenance and reconstruction. The two we focused on, to make the point, were the South Buffalo and Aux Marais."

The Reeve also touched on the "action plan" the municipality has put in place for 2024, and the projects that will be focused through that in the coming year.

Have a listen to the full conversation below.