With CFAM Morning Show Host Chris Sumner on vacation, Reporter Robyn Wiebe stepped in to chat with Morris Mayor Scott Crick for the latest edition of In the Mayor's Chair. The conversation included RCMP Appreciation Day.

"One thing many people aren't aware of is that RCMP Appreciation Day is February 1st, and a young Morris resident Mr. Lincoln Boyer, brought it to the town's attention," explained Crick. "He's been advocating for this to be more of a visible public holiday across the country. Speaking on behalf of the Town of Morris, we have a great relationship with the local RCMP. They're very valued partners in our community, so to take that one day and express appreciation for them. I think is is very valuable."

And the Mayor also took a moment to look ahead to the town's upcoming Winter Carnival.

"Once we get into the dog days of winter, especially in early February, they're always looking for something to do," noted Crick. "Just a reminder, February 3rd, which is a Saturday on your calendar, it's our annual winter carnival. There will be great events for the kids, more than likely there will be hot chocolate, hot dogs and that day, again, will be the CancerCare fundraiser. I'm assuming there will be a great event put on again by the Pembina Valley Twisters. There's always a great time for everybody to come together, as a community, to get out of the house and have a good time, especially with the little ones."

- With files form Robyn Wiebe -